Announcement: I’m moving to London!

Announcement: in just over a fortnight I’ll be packing my bags to go chase the kiwi dream – I’m moving to London!

Provoke has been a wonderful home for the past two years, and I thank all my workmates and clients who made my time there so special. Working here has really been an unforgettable experience, and I hope to take a little bit of that magic onto future jobs and organisations.

So far, my immediate plan for the next few months involves .NET architecture/development work in London, probably on contract basis so I can fit in some travel around Europe between projects. I’m also keen to check out the various developer conferences like QCon and Oredev. But first, I need to start packing!

4 thoughts on “Announcement: I’m moving to London!

  1. London – crowded, dirty and expensive; but sense of history, big projects, lots going on and easy to do short trips to Europe. Leave your white John Travolta disco suit at home and try to socialise with more people than just Kiwi’s on their OE. And take plenty of money for upfront deposits like bond and rent in advance. If you are not enjoying it give it at least 6 months!

  2. Great news Richard, I’m sure you’ll have a great time. You should have no problems getting a job as you’ve proven yourself to be a valued member of the development community… watch out for the 3 or 4 quick pints at lunch :)

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