Let’s kill Internet Explorer 6

Over the past couple of days, the following story has been sweeping the Internet:

Yesterday, one of Norway’s biggest commercial sites, finn.no started issuing a warning to all IE6 users telling them to upgrade their browsers. Today, a host of big norwegian sites are doing the same. The campaign to end IE6 usage is on!

What a fantastic and simple idea! Today I joined the growing list of sites supporting this movement – if you visit my site in IE6 or below, the following message is displayed at the top of the page in a <!--[if lte IE 6]> conditional comment (see a screenshot of http://richarddingwall.name in IE6 courtesy of NetRenderer):

Hi there, it looks like you’re using an old and unsupported version of Internet Explorer.

In order to get the most out of the web, you should get a free update for Internet Explorer, or consider trying Mozilla Firefox instead. If you’re using a work computer, you should contact your IT administrator. Check out this article for more reasons why you should upgrade.

Even Microsoft agrees on this one. So have a look and see what percentage of your sites’ viewers are using IE6 or below, and put a message on telling them to upgrade!

3 thoughts on “Let’s kill Internet Explorer 6

  1. For killing IE6, let me be the one to pull the trigger! And the banner’s a great idea.

    I suspect a large percentage of IE6 users are on Windows 2000 where IE7/IE8 isn’t supported. Firefox does run on Win2K, however. If Microsoft was fully behind the war against IE6, they would recommend W2K users upgrade to Firefox.

  2. IE6 and no javascript are the two biggest things holding back useable and accessible websites on the web.

    We designers who still fix things for IE6 are our own worst enemies and we pretty much need Javascript support to do that.

    I agree we need to make a stand now – lets get the last 15% of web users to realise what they are missing – they have credible, well supported open source options (Safari, Firefox and Chrome) why do we need IE6. They just do not understand, they just need education.

    If we build in – change your browser messages on detection of IE6 and below into major sites – it will die. Clients need to be shown that it is essential for their sites to perform for the majority. The cost of fixing IE6 issues is huge. IE6 RIP !! (and IE7 and 8 too for me).

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